What we do

The goal of the Research Group on Atmosphere-Biosphere Interactions is to develop the science needed for a sustainable biosphere.

Our particular interest is in the problems related to causes and consequences of land use change and climate change in South America in general, with a strong focus in Amazonia and Central Brazil.

Our work over the years essentially includes the use of multiple methodologies --  including model development, evaluation, and applications; geoprocessing and remote sensing; analysis of time series; field observations; and formation of human resources -- to study different disciplines (Climatology, Ecology and Conservation, Hydrology, and the Agricultural  Sciences in general), and the interactions among these disciplines.

We are particularly known for our modeling activities that include climate modeling, land surface ecosystem modeling, hydrological modeling, crop and pasture modeling.  

Students in our group are trained, from the beginning, to run model experiments and process massive amounts of data, using parallel processing techniques.