Extension courses

Training Program in Environmental Systems Modeling

     Our research group offers a range of distance courses in Numerical Modeling of Environmental Systems, which are offered by the Center for Distance Learning at UFV - CEAD. The creation of these courses is a reflection of our experience of 12 years in extension training in environmental modeling, and labor market projected for the coming years.

     The objective of this training program is to train professionals who will work quickly in the area of numerical modeling of environmental systems, including basic and advanced training on the subject. The target audience ranges from undergraduate and postgraduate doctors to have graduates who are interested in modeling. All members of our research group must have gone through this training program, or have similar qualifications.

     Courses Available are:

    Basic course in Linux
    Course Fortran Language Programming
    Course on Scientific Visualization by Means of Language NCL
    Course Introduction to Modeling of Atmosphere-Biosphere Interaction